Estate planning aims to ensure that your assets are transferred to the right people in the most tax effective way. It can also be used to provide safeguards for your children and grandchildren.

This part of your financial life is too important to disregard. We encourage our clients to discuss with us how they would like their estate to look at the end of their lives and how to avoid possible estate disputes.

Estate planning peace of mind can be achieved by addressing some simple questions:

  • Who do I want my beneficiaries to be?
  • Can those beneficiaries cope with the inheritance?
  • Who do I trust to represent me during my life and upon my death?
  • What is the best way to distribute my estate?
  • Do strategies such as life interest, gifting to minors or testamentary trusts suit me?

Planning your estate wisely can greatly benefit your family and loved ones, so please contact us on (02) 9997 7477 or email us on if you wish to discuss.