"When I started with ACD in 2016, I felt that my portfolio was a bit on the low side. At the time the projections indicated that my super would run out when I was around 85 years old.

I thought if I had about $100,000 more it would be much better. I started with $630,000 and just this week my balance reached $730,000.  I was amazed as I have had a lot of expenses over the past 5 years and I have been able to support my ministry overseas throughout all that time and continue to do so.  In addition to our work on the ground, I'm able to continue to support 3 other families.  About half of my income goes to my ministry overseas. 

In addition to that, I have had to fit out 2 houses, I have bought 3 cars (1 new) and I'm renovating my house in Brisbane.  I can't explain how this has all been possible and still my portfolio has increased by $100,000.  I'm amazed that what I had dreamt for has come about.

In the beginning I would often not check my balance because I worried about how I would support myself and do the things I wanted to do if I used up my balance.  But I should not have worried.  I guess the glory goes to God.  But I do want to thank you (ACD Financial) for managing my finances.  I hope that you realise that there are many other people that have also benefited.

Thanking you kindly.  Many blessings." (August 2021)


"Guy Amon is a highly experienced and successful financial counsellor dedicated to  meeting his client’s financial goals.

He has a deep understanding of the risk /return relationship between the various asset classes, so essential to delivering medium to long term outperformance for his client’s portfolios."

I&C B, (February 2014)


"As clients of ACD Financial, we wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with the services provided to us.

 All enquiries made by us have been dealt with promptly, our annual review meetings have always been useful and we have enjoyed attending the half-yearly luncheon forums.

 Most importantly, we value the integrity of ACD.   It is an organisation that we could confidently recommend to others."

 N and D, Terrigal. (February 2014).


"Thank you so much for your help and advice this year. It gave us a lot of confidence and also made us think about areas of our financial planning we had neglected."

TS (December 2013)